Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are proud to announce that we currently have seventeen bright and committed scholars in secondary school.  These children would have not had an opportunity to go to secondary school without the generosity of our many donors.  For more information on our success, please read last year’s ANNUAL REPORT.

Our goal for the 2011-2012 fund-raising season is to add two new scholars and raise $20,000.  With your help, we can provide the gift of education!

Your generous financial support will be instrumental in transforming the lives of these six scholars, their families and their communities.  You can make a donation to the 2011-2012 fund-raising campaign by clicking HERE.

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The topic of secondary education has often been neglected by local and international policies and agendas.  As a direct result, hundreds of thousands of children have no opportunity to continue their education at the secondary school level. Thus the majority of people within East Africa are left with a primary school education throughout their entire life.

This is where the Dobbyn Foundation makes a unique difference with your donation by creating access to further education, which is vital for the development of each child and their community.  We fundamentally believe that education is a basic human right that everyone should have the opportunity to access, regardless of nationality, age, religion or ethnicity. In this belief, the staff is comprised of volunteers that do not receive compensation, ensuring that 91% of your donation goes directly to student scholarships.

Should you have any questions, please contact us via email at info@dobbynfoundation.org.